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Although Puar recognizes the ways through which equivalence and id are at work inside neoliberal capitalist economies, she challenges this pairing by way of an examination of the processes of capability and debility that exceed the class of incapacity. If, following Adorno, we place disability in a constellation with feminist philosophy of disability and damaging dialectics, we arrive at a place the place incapacity principle is produced in response to a faulty world. That's, incapacity is conceived in relation to the capitalist mode of production, whereby trade value and equivalence results in conceptual frameworks of identity and sameness. In negatively approaching incapacity, we don't set up new ideas, but reasonably relate previous concepts to one another in order to point out what has been left out of the conceptualization-what conflicts. The duty of the critic is to illuminate cracks within the totality, moments of disharmony, and discrepancy. This, then, is precisely where suffering enters the image.

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